Game and Leadership



An interesting thought in relation to red pill awareness is it’s effects on other areas of a man’s life, besides women specifically. While a man’s interaction with women can take up a large portion of his thoughts, what’s interesting is how after taking the red pill, one’s interactions with people other than the woman he is interested in changes as well. In a healthy context, once the dust has settled and a man understands the specific demands he now has to embrace, a new way of approaching almost everything emerges. A new playground if you will on how you interact with other men, or how you interact with your nieces and nephews emerges. This is due to the re-alignment in hopefully your priorities, switching from a feminine defined reality, to one that is masculine. Embracement of this masculinity, not defined by the feminine imperative, is freeing and allows a milieu of experimentation to see what works best with your new found clarity.

While Game is usually defined in relation to women; a better strategy is to allow Game and the Red Pill to completely change your interactions with everyone. Swallowing the Red Pill and only memorizing scripts on how to interact with just women is not adequate enough for the long haul. A better implementation of Game is to adopt it completely to your own mental schema. Allowing the red pill to completely change your personality is the only way long-term change can be made. In essence, one has to remove as many elements of beta traits and replace them with alpha characteristics. With this system in mind, one can easily see how all your relationships become affected by your new mental schema. Fake it until you make it.

Men lead

Men have and will be leaders in some capacity of their lives. Just like game, whether one likes it or not, the game is being played. The same goes for leadership, one day your number will be called. If one is unsure of how game can improve your ability to lead, this should help clear things up.

The trope that some men are born natural leaders, is identical to the saying some men are born naturals with women, sports, ability, etc. I believe this to be true, some men are just naturally gifted in these areas, while others not so much. What I often wonder about is whether there is a pattern with men that are naturals to their ability to explicate alpha characteristics. Do natural leaders often show alpha characteristics? Can leadership be learned? Is there a link between game and leadership?

Go to any bookstore and there will be a large space devoted to leadership. Leadership qualities are traits to be admired, ones that most people sometimes struggle to acquire when thrust into a new role. The ability and the desire to attain it has always been acceptable to publicly chase for. It’s clear, since the leadership niche is a booming industry, that not everyone has that natural moxy. It’s socially acceptable for the unnatural leader to learn the skills to be a successful one.

Game does not have the same acceptability. Any time there is a hint that a man is not a naturally charismatic man and has learned game externally, that is immediately an affront to woman’s hypergamous instinct of choosing a man that “just gets it” naturally. As I’ve said multiple times, a woman has to believe that you naturally get it, or she will instinctively feel cheated. This isn’t to say to stop practicing game; a woman can never and will never understand that an experienced man, the man that she really wants, has failed time and time again. She doesn’t care to see how it’s put together, she only cares about the final product.

The similarity between game and leadership is that they both can be learned. In fact, if one were to completely change not only their interactions with women based on game, but men as well, one can be an effective leader.

The Red Pill allows men to view intergender dynamics through the lens of reality and not through the stain-glass windows of your previous blue pill idealizations. It’s a way of understanding that men and women are different in almost every way. Realizing that women will react to a man that displays certain characteristics allows the eventual realization that men follow other men that also act like a man. Both roles have been properly placed in a red pill context and now with practice game can show you how very different men from women truly are. No woman wants to follow a man that other men also don’t want to follow. Being able to relate to the men around you in a context that is simply between men is important for your ability to make friends and also, eventually, lead. No women can tell you how to be more of a man that other men can look up to. What they can teach you with game is being a man of status, charisma, and physically fit is a man worth fucking and a man that other men want to be.

Rejection and Leadership

In my post, Re-Thinking Rejection, I stated

Without failure, without rejection, there’s just not enough we can really know about our abilities or limits. Every time you get rejected is an opportunity to learn something from the interaction. What did you do wrong? What did you do right? Before you know it you’re starting to grow more confident in your actual experiences that includes rejection.

Leadership is a lot like facing rejection from a woman. You simply will make mistakes as a leader and you will let down those you’re supposed to lead. I’ve been a leader in some form even since I left home for college. Whether work or volunteering, I’ve been thrust into areas of leadership that included 4 to 5 subordinates at work, to a couple dozen when I was active in my old church. There have been numerous times when I made a mistake as a leader and the worst part is that I wasn’t the only one to pay for it. Sometimes it’s not as serious, maybe different tactics of conflict resolution need to be implemented. My patience for those that show incompetence needs to increase. What I have learned from my mistakes as a leader can be explained in another post. The point is, being a better leader is to start doing so and face whatever mistakes you make. Face them, then learn from them. The same is true with game, that you’re going to be rejected, but rejection is always better than regret.

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