Lack of Meaning and the Red Pill

There seems to be a common path most unplugged men go through as they start to accept that their blue pill beliefs were more liabilities than effective strategies in regards to women. As posted before in Designed Painthe steps of accepting the Red Pill are parallel to the 5 stages of grief when losing a loved one. The reality is the loss of this loved one is a loss in their idealizations that women are as they said they are. This idealization is powerful, so powerful in fact that men have committed suicide over the loss of their perceived “ONE.”

Once the dust has settled and men have accepted the Red Pill as true, I think there becomes another step after the 5 stages of grief. It sounds a lot like depression, but I don’t think it is as serious. This extra step is the search for meaning in a Red Pill context that is not in relation to blue pill ideals. The question is asked, Now that woman’s hypergamous instincts have been completely unbounded by any societal restraints, what is my next step as a man? Marriage? Spinning plates? MGTOW?

These are tough questions and much of a man’s psychological health is made up for them. The blue pill man that is ignorant but blissful about his future with women charges him to complete monumental tasks. He is positive that his meaning is complete as long as he can get the ONE at the end of the rainbow. Sadly, we all know the end of this story.

Once the truth has been laid bare, and he realizes that these idealizations will cost him much more than he bargained for, he’s now wondering what his next step is.

Enjoy the Decline?

A common trope in Red Pill circles is to just enjoy the decline now that their blinders have been taken off as to the nature of woman’s hypergamy is glaring them right in the face. There are good arguments for this as it’s painfully obvious that Western women have completely abandoned all things that they were designed for: marriage and motherhood. There has never been a time where the odds are so stacked against the man in a marriage that it’s now viewed as a complete loss in all areas of his life.

It’s so bad that enjoying the decline is now a popular sentiment. Sit back and just enjoy what’s left of the ride. “Fuck it, we’re on the Titanic, and I’d rather be sipping some whiskey than polishing the brass on it as we sink.”

This is where I hold a big contention with the Enjoy the Decline crowd. It’s simply giving up and lowering one’s self to their basic instincts. No judgment here, as their logic makes sense, and each will do what they feel is best. However, I’m not going to pretend that I believe that is the best path for any man. One of the most difficult aspects of the Red Pill is accepting your burden of performance as a man. Things will always be bad for you in some way.

We honestly do not know how deep this rot will grow, or where it will lead us to. What we do know is that lazily going through life by your basic instincts is what women do. Their genetic lottery allows them to do that. They can simply wait for a man to make his move. A man’s stake in this world is determined by his experiences, all of it lends itself to action in some way. Enjoying the Decline is simply abandoning one’s desire to live a life of experience and just saying “fuck it” when things get hard.

This is nihilism and one thing is clear, nihilism is psychological suicide.

Even further, there are holes in this thinking. The biggest, now that you know of woman’s hypergamous instincts, why does that determine your need to check out of society and say “Enjoy the Decline?” If one takes your conclusions to their furthest extent, that you’re now Red Pill, and in many aspects free, can you not see that you’re still determining your life’s meaning and purpose based on women? You’ve simply flipped it around from, “I will have meaning to get women,” to “there is no meaning because women can not meet my idealizations.” At the center of both of these arguments, women are still the crux of both of them, and further prove how your blue pill idealizations are damaging your potential even after you’ve taken the Red Pill.

What Comes After

I can’t sit here and tell you the meaning of your life. However, what is clear is one must find purpose outside of the idealizations of women. That does not mean succumbing to nihilism, becoming a vagrant PUA, and living solely for the orgasm. That life is a sacrifice of your potential as a man.  If there is one thing you will have to continually remind yourself, is that hope and meaning can be found in a Red Pill context. That hope and meaning are largely extended to your experiences as a man. People want to be associated with an experienced man, one that has been there and seen that. Has achieved something in his name. That path is yours for the taking and completely unwritten by anybody. One thing is clear, enjoying the decline will not get you there.

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