Aesthetics – The Male Physique

For any newly Red Pilled man, there is a plethora of information out there on what he should and shouldn’t do as he begins his journey. I believe most of it is pretty straight-forward and easy to follow: “Stop being a thirsty beta, stop being a fat piece of shit, start going to the gym, start talking to women and raising your SMV.”

On the surface, these are all true and each man needs to spend his time diving into the proper connotations each of these aspects of Red Pill thought entail. Some are more complex than others and require more thought on how each of these are implemented.

What I want to talk about is the ideal male physique in relation to the Red Pill. 

Going to the gym and lifting heavy objects is the first step in shedding off the blue pill. It’s the most tangible form of advice on the Red Pill. It requires almost no thought; it’s simply action. Take the first step by improving your life and get in shape. I love this part of the Red Pill. It’s one of the more easier aspects of it to implement and the benefits cross over into many areas of one’s life.

The Red Pill is a realist movement. No lies, no irresponsibility is acceptable. That’s the crux of it that each man is responsible for his fate, and no one owes you anything let alone an apology. If you’re overweight, the reality is you’re sickly, you’re limited in your ability to do certain things. You don’t command respect as you lack the discipline to maintain your weight and that it’s completely your fault. The lie would be for me to tell you that it’s ok to be overweight, that it’s not a problem, that you can make up for it with Game. While I agree that Game is the most important aspect of the Red Pill, looks do matter. Looks matter enough that a woman’s hindbrain will always size you up based on your looks before you even open your mouth. That’s the no bullshit reality. The reality is that women choose the ideal male physique, and not the other way around. While men, choose the ideal female physique. I should say that in the situation that we are in now, men are shamed and ridiculed for even suggesting that woman should have a specific physique. This is for another post. On the surface, each sex instinctively chooses the ideal physique for the other sex.

Getting to the specifics on the male physique, one may ask, what is the ideal male physique? That is a tricky question to answer. You’re faced with a couple of immediate roadblocks: including the relative nature of cultures, attainability, and the differences in each person’s body. It would be impossible to answer definitively without compromising on the reality of differences. However, we can get a broad and general guideline for those that live in the Feminine Imperative.


Look around at most models, or any cover of a romance novel, or the Statue of David. The male physique is universally accepted in one that has low body fat, muscle definition, and the ideal V shape of the upper body. The upper chest, arms, and shoulders have a definition to them.  Not to mention one’s lats are thick and full, giving that important V-taper many strive for. Just as important, there is a size and definition to the posterior deltoids, that complete the image.

Brad Pitt in Troy is a good example of what is attainable with a strict diet and exercise program:


This is a physique that will get you noticed, not because he’s massive because he’s not. Right here he probably weighs only 175 pounds. He has all of the above that were mentioned: low body fat, complete shoulder development, upper chest, biceps, and triceps, and if he turned around he would have great definition to his back.

There are guy’s at my local gym that are bigger than Brad Pitt here, but he looks big simply because of his low body fat. It’s an optical illusion that is mystifying but effective. The contours and definition of one’s muscles give it this ability to pop out at you. If one wants to know his entire workout regiment for this role, leave a comment, and I’ll include it.

I know I will get some hate for even hinting at a specific work-out regiment. Arguing about one’s diet and training is akin to arguing about religion, people are just too ego invested in considering something different until they’ve exhausted every other opportunity. I’m simply arguing for considering what physique you want to attain before you enter the gym. A classic aesthetic physique requires much more discipline not only with your diet but your regiment when it comes to muscles that are often overlooked.

However, I think it’s safe to say that most enter the gym with no pre-conceived notion of what physique they want. What happens is they get bro advice and do bro splits, combined with a shitty diet, and they end up with the Jersey Shore Bod:


Nothing about the above is appealing, as 75% of most gym rats have that same specific physique. There is a definite muscle imbalance with the anterior deltoids are overly developed. If the Jersey Shore boys turned around you would see a complete lack of definition to their backs and lats because they don’t squat and spend their time doing heavy shoulder lifts. Their posterior deltoids would also be underdeveloped which can be alleviated with face-pulls. They also spend an inordinate amount of time doing bicep curls. I’m simply describing what every bro lifter does: hit the muscles that they can see in the gym and ignore the rest. What you’re going to end up with is a shitty jersey shore bod. Not cool.

Male Hamstering

One last comment before close:, above, I said looks matter in that they play a part in a woman’s ability to determine your SMV. They’re not the end-game for her decision, but they play an important part. What I want to address, however, is the idea that since our physiques are in some ways in our control, that we take it to such an extreme that looks become the complete arbiter of success when it comes to women, while ignoring other aspects of the Red Pill, like Game and status. The idea is this: “If I only looked like [blank] then I’ll start talking to women, or understanding the other elements of Game.” The reality is you will never look like [blank] and you should also focus on other important areas like Game and status.

Male hamstering is when any point of the three aspects of raising your SMV: Game, physique, status, is placed above one another. In reality, you’re losing valuable time by trying to chase this ideal when you can be accomplishing all three.


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