I was right in the middle of writing another blog post when I was thrown a curve ball about a Christian mommy blogger named Glennon Doyle Melton. Glennon writes for a blog called Momastery, which is your typical new-age, feminist, Eat Pray Love blog that masquerades as a Christian website to help “traumatized” married women. One of her posts has gone viral, titled, I Need To Tell You Something, where she informs her thousands of post-wall divorcees and married followers that she is divorcing her husband, Craig. She tells the story of breaking the news to Craig that she is through with their marriage; Craig as a beta man should, respects her decision with tears as an “act of love.” The next couple of paragraphs are Glennon hamstering away her decision to divorce her  husband and start a new life along with the Eat, Pray, Love crowd. None of the reasons are coherent, and include a lot of emotional and abstract thinking that have no place in reality. At the end of her confession is a nice reminder to buy her new book aptly called Love Warrior.

My post titled Christian Idols first dove into Christian marriage defined by the Feminine Imperative. It’s a reminder to men that “Christian” marriage is no insulation from divorce:

Yes, even Christian women are prone to going feral — it does not matter… understand that just because she’s a Christian woman does not mean she is not prone to hypergamy.

There are a number of points to take away from when looking at Glennon’s actions that show lessons for Christian men, secular men, or anyone in between. The most important is that AWALT (all women are like that) still holds true here, and a proper understanding of it will allow you to have the right expectations of women as they age regardless of cultural structures, I.E, religion. AWALT is not saying that all women will do said action, but rather that all women have the potential to optimize hypergamy. This instinct is the fulfilling of what is described in the post The Male Experience, that women will fulfill their sexual strategy of alpha fucks and beta bucks.

In Glennon’s case as a 40 year old woman she is right on schedule to re-ignite her alpha fucks phase. This happens as she realizes that being married to a dutiful beta husband, who “respects” her decision to leave him wasn’t all it was caked out to be.

It’s important to note that while Christian women are inclined to present a version of themselves as always being chaste, this is of course the opposite to the eventual detriment of their dutiful husbands, who believe that their time has finally come to find their “one true love.” They have been waiting for almost a decade to finally meet someone they believe is worth marrying, under the basis that all their hard work of being a dependable, caring man has finally paid off. The reality is of course much more pragmatic — if not cold. During her late 20s many women find themselves approaching The Wall, and are left scrambling to find a dependable source of security, as they switch from the alpha fucks strategy to a beta bucks one. At this stage in her life this is when most Christian women become “Christian.” There is no better place to find a bed of security than at your neighborhood church, where for the past decade in a man’s life feminized preachers have been demanding that he do his duty, man-up, and commit to these women that have finally seen the light. These men are more than happy to do their part, as they have been shamed and ridiculed as “kidults.” Interestingly, for all the churches bemoaning what a sad state of affairs masculinity is, there is no shortage of men willing to commit to these women. At any evangelical church in America today there will always be at least one month dedicated to sermons for men to “man-up” and meet these post-wall women in the middle.

Feminists Behind the Pulpit

It needs to be said that taking The Red Pill in regards to current socio-sexual dynamics at play in the United States and abroad, does not mean men have to adopt a certain religion or a certain political party. This belief stems from the idea that there are certain types of women, and that if you marry into that type that is perceived as a “quality” women then you will be insulated from their hypergamous insticts. That is where a lot of mistakes are made for men, as they relax their guard and fall asleep in a blissful-beta cocoon. Women who claim to be religious are just as hypergamous as any secular woman. There really is no difference, only in approach. As I have mentioned before in other posts, divorce rates and adultery are almost parallel in Christian circles as they are in secular ones. What needs to be taken away from this fact is regardless of upbringing, women will always follow the path of least-resistance if there is ample opportunity and reason to do so.

Unfortunately, the idea that men can find a “good” wife at a church is just unrealistic at this point. The church as mentioned above has been hijacked by feminist preachers that AMOG other men to follow their belief that it’s necessary to commit to these post-wall women into marriage. These same women who now realize their options are running out after their Alpha Fucks phase in their twenties have changed their tune. Since the majority of church goers are women, and since women will pay their salaries, these feminized preachers are happily ready to incorporate the Feminine Imperative into their sermons.

It doesn’t end there as the church will repeatedly instruct these newly married men to focus on building attraction by being a “good husband.” While at the same time the wife loses respect and interest in sex. Notice the pattern here? These same tropes of commitment to serve her sexual imperative are the same ones parroted by feminists in the media. Ultimately, it is bought in by beta-men who incorporate it as the way to live, only to find themselves divorced by their 40s.

The takeaway here is that most single-Christian men are pushing for an already made deal by hoping that they find a woman that is insulated from mainstream hypergamy. In reality is what they find is women who have gone through their Alpha Fucks stage and have decided to cash their chips in by masquerading as “born-again.” This combination means men finally feel their ship has pulled in and they can finally relax from the idea of women optimizing their hypergamy due to their religious convictions. Unfortunately, as we all know and have witnessed this is not the case in the slightest.

The Church is no insulation from runaway hypergamy. In many ways it’s actually worse.