Irrational Self-Confidence

It’s much better to be irrationally self-confident then to be rationally unsure of your abilities.

I’ve seen it over and over again; the nice guy that tries his best, that repeatedly tries with good-intentions, but does so with a lack of confidence. He’s unsure of whether his particular idea or plan will pass. Many times his idea is a great idea; his plan will work, it’s well thought out. Then when he presents it, he does so with a lack of confidence. This lack translates to his idea that it’s not a good idea, that it’s not a good plan. It doesn’t matter what it is, whether you’re telling a girl where to eat, or telling your boss the latest update on your work. Giving any idea, any plan, and doing so with a lack of confidence has a greater negative effect then on the perceived positive of the idea.

People are outright punished for being unsure of themselves. You’re liked less and trusted less. It’s a sad state of affairs, but the sooner you realize that any hint of insecurity is viewed as worse then the desire to avoid being wrong.

Embrace a sense of irrational self-confidence.

Being over-confident in your abilities is a better path to selling your ideas then being unsure of their success. What you’re trying to sell is your idea, and as long as you’re a sane human being, it’s probably an idea worth selling. Doing so in a confident way tells another person that the idea is worth looking into, otherwise you wouldn’t feel so strongly about it. Stride through the world without apologies and without hesitation. Every thing you do, do so with a purpose. Yes, you’ll fuck up, but again, it’s 30 lashes for being insecure and 10 for being wrong.