Game and Leadership



An interesting thought in relation to red pill awareness is it’s effects on other areas of a man’s life, besides women specifically. While a man’s interaction with women can take up a large portion of his thoughts, what’s interesting is how after taking the red pill, one’s interactions with people other than the woman he is interested in changes as well. In a healthy context, once the dust has settled and a man understands the specific demands he now has to embrace, a new way of approaching almost everything emerges. A new playground if you will on how you interact with other men, or how you interact with your nieces and nephews emerges. This is due to the re-alignment in hopefully your priorities, switching from a feminine defined reality, to one that is masculine. Embracement of this masculinity, not defined by the feminine imperative, is freeing and allows a milieu of experimentation to see what works best with your new found clarity.

While Game is usually defined in relation to women; a better strategy is to allow Game and the Red Pill to completely change your interactions with everyone. Swallowing the Red Pill and only memorizing scripts on how to interact with just women is not adequate enough for the long haul. A better implementation of Game is to adopt it completely to your own mental schema. Allowing the red pill to completely change your personality is the only way long-term change can be made. In essence, one has to remove as many elements of beta traits and replace them with alpha characteristics. With this system in mind, one can easily see how all your relationships become affected by your new mental schema. Fake it until you make it.

Men lead

Men have and will be leaders in some capacity of their lives. Just like game, whether one likes it or not, the game is being played. The same goes for leadership, one day your number will be called. If one is unsure of how game can improve your ability to lead, this should help clear things up.

The trope that some men are born natural leaders, is identical to the saying some men are born naturals with women, sports, ability, etc. I believe this to be true, some men are just naturally gifted in these areas, while others not so much. What I often wonder about is whether there is a pattern with men that are naturals to their ability to explicate alpha characteristics. Do natural leaders often show alpha characteristics? Can leadership be learned? Is there a link between game and leadership?

Go to any bookstore and there will be a large space devoted to leadership. Leadership qualities are traits to be admired, ones that most people sometimes struggle to acquire when thrust into a new role. The ability and the desire to attain it has always been acceptable to publicly chase for. It’s clear, since the leadership niche is a booming industry, that not everyone has that natural moxy. It’s socially acceptable for the unnatural leader to learn the skills to be a successful one.

Game does not have the same acceptability. Any time there is a hint that a man is not a naturally charismatic man and has learned game externally, that is immediately an affront to woman’s hypergamous instinct of choosing a man that “just gets it” naturally. As I’ve said multiple times, a woman has to believe that you naturally get it, or she will instinctively feel cheated. This isn’t to say to stop practicing game; a woman can never and will never understand that an experienced man, the man that she really wants, has failed time and time again. She doesn’t care to see how it’s put together, she only cares about the final product.

The similarity between game and leadership is that they both can be learned. In fact, if one were to completely change not only their interactions with women based on game, but men as well, one can be an effective leader.

The Red Pill allows men to view intergender dynamics through the lens of reality and not through the stain-glass windows of your previous blue pill idealizations. It’s a way of understanding that men and women are different in almost every way. Realizing that women will react to a man that displays certain characteristics allows the eventual realization that men follow other men that also act like a man. Both roles have been properly placed in a red pill context and now with practice game can show you how very different men from women truly are. No woman wants to follow a man that other men also don’t want to follow. Being able to relate to the men around you in a context that is simply between men is important for your ability to make friends and also, eventually, lead. No women can tell you how to be more of a man that other men can look up to. What they can teach you with game is being a man of status, charisma, and physically fit is a man worth fucking and a man that other men want to be.

Rejection and Leadership

In my post, Re-Thinking Rejection, I stated

Without failure, without rejection, there’s just not enough we can really know about our abilities or limits. Every time you get rejected is an opportunity to learn something from the interaction. What did you do wrong? What did you do right? Before you know it you’re starting to grow more confident in your actual experiences that includes rejection.

Leadership is a lot like facing rejection from a woman. You simply will make mistakes as a leader and you will let down those you’re supposed to lead. I’ve been a leader in some form even since I left home for college. Whether work or volunteering, I’ve been thrust into areas of leadership that included 4 to 5 subordinates at work, to a couple dozen when I was active in my old church. There have been numerous times when I made a mistake as a leader and the worst part is that I wasn’t the only one to pay for it. Sometimes it’s not as serious, maybe different tactics of conflict resolution need to be implemented. My patience for those that show incompetence needs to increase. What I have learned from my mistakes as a leader can be explained in another post. The point is, being a better leader is to start doing so and face whatever mistakes you make. Face them, then learn from them. The same is true with game, that you’re going to be rejected, but rejection is always better than regret.

Lack of Meaning and the Red Pill

There seems to be a common path most unplugged men go through as they start to accept that their blue pill beliefs were more liabilities than effective strategies in regards to women. As posted before in Designed Painthe steps of accepting the Red Pill are parallel to the 5 stages of grief when losing a loved one. The reality is the loss of this loved one is a loss in their idealizations that women are as they said they are. This idealization is powerful, so powerful in fact that men have committed suicide over the loss of their perceived “ONE.”

Once the dust has settled and men have accepted the Red Pill as true, I think there becomes another step after the 5 stages of grief. It sounds a lot like depression, but I don’t think it is as serious. This extra step is the search for meaning in a Red Pill context that is not in relation to blue pill ideals. The question is asked, Now that woman’s hypergamous instincts have been completely unbounded by any societal restraints, what is my next step as a man? Marriage? Spinning plates? MGTOW?

These are tough questions and much of a man’s psychological health is made up for them. The blue pill man that is ignorant but blissful about his future with women charges him to complete monumental tasks. He is positive that his meaning is complete as long as he can get the ONE at the end of the rainbow. Sadly, we all know the end of this story.

Once the truth has been laid bare, and he realizes that these idealizations will cost him much more than he bargained for, he’s now wondering what his next step is.

Enjoy the Decline?

A common trope in Red Pill circles is to just enjoy the decline now that their blinders have been taken off as to the nature of woman’s hypergamy is glaring them right in the face. There are good arguments for this as it’s painfully obvious that Western women have completely abandoned all things that they were designed for: marriage and motherhood. There has never been a time where the odds are so stacked against the man in a marriage that it’s now viewed as a complete loss in all areas of his life.

It’s so bad that enjoying the decline is now a popular sentiment. Sit back and just enjoy what’s left of the ride. “Fuck it, we’re on the Titanic, and I’d rather be sipping some whiskey than polishing the brass on it as we sink.”

This is where I hold a big contention with the Enjoy the Decline crowd. It’s simply giving up and lowering one’s self to their basic instincts. No judgment here, as their logic makes sense, and each will do what they feel is best. However, I’m not going to pretend that I believe that is the best path for any man. One of the most difficult aspects of the Red Pill is accepting your burden of performance as a man. Things will always be bad for you in some way.

We honestly do not know how deep this rot will grow, or where it will lead us to. What we do know is that lazily going through life by your basic instincts is what women do. Their genetic lottery allows them to do that. They can simply wait for a man to make his move. A man’s stake in this world is determined by his experiences, all of it lends itself to action in some way. Enjoying the Decline is simply abandoning one’s desire to live a life of experience and just saying “fuck it” when things get hard.

This is nihilism and one thing is clear, nihilism is psychological suicide.

Even further, there are holes in this thinking. The biggest, now that you know of woman’s hypergamous instincts, why does that determine your need to check out of society and say “Enjoy the Decline?” If one takes your conclusions to their furthest extent, that you’re now Red Pill, and in many aspects free, can you not see that you’re still determining your life’s meaning and purpose based on women? You’ve simply flipped it around from, “I will have meaning to get women,” to “there is no meaning because women can not meet my idealizations.” At the center of both of these arguments, women are still the crux of both of them, and further prove how your blue pill idealizations are damaging your potential even after you’ve taken the Red Pill.

What Comes After

I can’t sit here and tell you the meaning of your life. However, what is clear is one must find purpose outside of the idealizations of women. That does not mean succumbing to nihilism, becoming a vagrant PUA, and living solely for the orgasm. That life is a sacrifice of your potential as a man.  If there is one thing you will have to continually remind yourself, is that hope and meaning can be found in a Red Pill context. That hope and meaning are largely extended to your experiences as a man. People want to be associated with an experienced man, one that has been there and seen that. Has achieved something in his name. That path is yours for the taking and completely unwritten by anybody. One thing is clear, enjoying the decline will not get you there.

Aesthetics – The Male Physique

For any newly Red Pilled man, there is a plethora of information out there on what he should and shouldn’t do as he begins his journey. I believe most of it is pretty straight-forward and easy to follow: “Stop being a thirsty beta, stop being a fat piece of shit, start going to the gym, start talking to women and raising your SMV.”

On the surface, these are all true and each man needs to spend his time diving into the proper connotations each of these aspects of Red Pill thought entail. Some are more complex than others and require more thought on how each of these are implemented.

What I want to talk about is the ideal male physique in relation to the Red Pill. 

Going to the gym and lifting heavy objects is the first step in shedding off the blue pill. It’s the most tangible form of advice on the Red Pill. It requires almost no thought; it’s simply action. Take the first step by improving your life and get in shape. I love this part of the Red Pill. It’s one of the more easier aspects of it to implement and the benefits cross over into many areas of one’s life.

The Red Pill is a realist movement. No lies, no irresponsibility is acceptable. That’s the crux of it that each man is responsible for his fate, and no one owes you anything let alone an apology. If you’re overweight, the reality is you’re sickly, you’re limited in your ability to do certain things. You don’t command respect as you lack the discipline to maintain your weight and that it’s completely your fault. The lie would be for me to tell you that it’s ok to be overweight, that it’s not a problem, that you can make up for it with Game. While I agree that Game is the most important aspect of the Red Pill, looks do matter. Looks matter enough that a woman’s hindbrain will always size you up based on your looks before you even open your mouth. That’s the no bullshit reality. The reality is that women choose the ideal male physique, and not the other way around. While men, choose the ideal female physique. I should say that in the situation that we are in now, men are shamed and ridiculed for even suggesting that woman should have a specific physique. This is for another post. On the surface, each sex instinctively chooses the ideal physique for the other sex.

Getting to the specifics on the male physique, one may ask, what is the ideal male physique? That is a tricky question to answer. You’re faced with a couple of immediate roadblocks: including the relative nature of cultures, attainability, and the differences in each person’s body. It would be impossible to answer definitively without compromising on the reality of differences. However, we can get a broad and general guideline for those that live in the Feminine Imperative.


Look around at most models, or any cover of a romance novel, or the Statue of David. The male physique is universally accepted in one that has low body fat, muscle definition, and the ideal V shape of the upper body. The upper chest, arms, and shoulders have a definition to them.  Not to mention one’s lats are thick and full, giving that important V-taper many strive for. Just as important, there is a size and definition to the posterior deltoids, that complete the image.

Brad Pitt in Troy is a good example of what is attainable with a strict diet and exercise program:


This is a physique that will get you noticed, not because he’s massive because he’s not. Right here he probably weighs only 175 pounds. He has all of the above that were mentioned: low body fat, complete shoulder development, upper chest, biceps, and triceps, and if he turned around he would have great definition to his back.

There are guy’s at my local gym that are bigger than Brad Pitt here, but he looks big simply because of his low body fat. It’s an optical illusion that is mystifying but effective. The contours and definition of one’s muscles give it this ability to pop out at you. If one wants to know his entire workout regiment for this role, leave a comment, and I’ll include it.

I know I will get some hate for even hinting at a specific work-out regiment. Arguing about one’s diet and training is akin to arguing about religion, people are just too ego invested in considering something different until they’ve exhausted every other opportunity. I’m simply arguing for considering what physique you want to attain before you enter the gym. A classic aesthetic physique requires much more discipline not only with your diet but your regiment when it comes to muscles that are often overlooked.

However, I think it’s safe to say that most enter the gym with no pre-conceived notion of what physique they want. What happens is they get bro advice and do bro splits, combined with a shitty diet, and they end up with the Jersey Shore Bod:


Nothing about the above is appealing, as 75% of most gym rats have that same specific physique. There is a definite muscle imbalance with the anterior deltoids are overly developed. If the Jersey Shore boys turned around you would see a complete lack of definition to their backs and lats because they don’t squat and spend their time doing heavy shoulder lifts. Their posterior deltoids would also be underdeveloped which can be alleviated with face-pulls. They also spend an inordinate amount of time doing bicep curls. I’m simply describing what every bro lifter does: hit the muscles that they can see in the gym and ignore the rest. What you’re going to end up with is a shitty jersey shore bod. Not cool.

Male Hamstering

One last comment before close:, above, I said looks matter in that they play a part in a woman’s ability to determine your SMV. They’re not the end-game for her decision, but they play an important part. What I want to address, however, is the idea that since our physiques are in some ways in our control, that we take it to such an extreme that looks become the complete arbiter of success when it comes to women, while ignoring other aspects of the Red Pill, like Game and status. The idea is this: “If I only looked like [blank] then I’ll start talking to women, or understanding the other elements of Game.” The reality is you will never look like [blank] and you should also focus on other important areas like Game and status.

Male hamstering is when any point of the three aspects of raising your SMV: Game, physique, status, is placed above one another. In reality, you’re losing valuable time by trying to chase this ideal when you can be accomplishing all three.


Bioware Bends the Knee to a Toothless Enemy

When I younger, I really enjoyed the science fiction video game Mass Effect. The game had a great story that made you really feel as if you were a part of a great interstellar adventure. Back then I was completely onboard with buying any BioWare game due to their quality of storytelling; another example of their mastery was developing Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic in 2003. BioWare has a reputation for bringing quality video games to the masses.

I lost track of what BioWare has been up to in the past four or five years, so it took me off guard when I heard that Bioware was just about to release their fourth installment called Mass Effect: Andromeda. Immediately upon the release, a wave of memes flooded the internet of the games terrible facial animations. Looking further, there was a substantial uproar leading to the release of BioWare purposely making their female characters look ugly. I’ve heard rumblings of the uptick of feminists going after a male-dominated industry of video games, by protesting the sexualization of women in them. With Mass Effect: Andromeda it appears their concerns have been heard. Yes, BioWare, once a great developer capitulated to the need to placate a small but vocal minority of women, who probably don’t even play the game.


Here is the actual model again:


In contrast, the male character looks very close to the actual male model he portrays:


I can see how this is also a non-story. After all, BioWare is completely free to make their characters however they want. It’s up to the customer to embrace or reject this. Purposely making their female characters ugly to raise the flag of feminism and PC culture is their prerogative. Honestly, I wasn’t distraught at all by this, especially as hypergamy and the Female Imperative are so prevalent at this time, this is a minor drop in the ocean that is the encroachment of feminism in male spaces (video games). I think most of my readers are well inoculated to this fact, so I don’t want to bore you.

This isn’t new, remember, hypergamy dictates that the female sexual strategy has to be prevalent above males. In this sense, video games, women sexualized or rendered in a way that is more beautiful than they hope to conceive is a threat to optimizing their hypergamy. In layman’s terms optimizing hypergamy is shaming men for their objective standard of wanting a woman to be beautiful and fertile so they can better control the sexual marketplace. In essence, they would rather you be thanking your lucky stars for committing to an overweight woman with Dorito dust in her cleavage than being attracted to thin, beautiful women.

Giving Up

There is a lesson somewhere in all this. I believe it’s the idea of capitulation; the idea of simply giving up in the pursuit of an amazing story to please a small group of individuals who want to force you to support their twisted worldview. We’ve been here before, and we’ve seen it time and time again, a once great series or character is twisted from its original intention to placate PC culture, and otherwise destroying everything meaningful about it. A good story doesn’t care about the need to soothe the fears of a toothless enemy in the real world. A good fictional story is meant to take us to another dimension, another place in the universe, and to show us conflict and resolution. A good story is destroyed when it has to go out of its way to shove a false ideal into its viewer’s face. It’s distracting, and people know when they are being played.

When BioWare and other storytellers purposely make their characters ugly to please a small group of people, they’re not being noble, they’re being mediocre. They are willingly embracing the sub-standard and saying it’s beautiful. When storytellers do this, you know it’s the beginning of the end. They’re no longer qualified as storytellers, because they have to lie to us, the viewer, to please the non-viewer. When as individuals, we give up and embrace mediocrity and the plain, we’re no different than the storytellers who do the same.

Re-Thinking Rejection

Rejection is the mortar to the building blocks of Game.

Rejection is sometimes the most carnal and punishing forms of experience that men will face. We’re built to avoid it as it’s an uncomfortable part of life, but it still finds us. Even looking past Game for a moment, and you’re going to get rejected for your application for a school, a job, or maybe your idea of where to eat lunch. It’s there around every corner, as long as you don’t try to completely insulate yourself from it.

The important thing to take away is insulation from rejection is detrimental to your ability to grow into understanding certain aspects of Game. Even further, insulation from rejection (avoidance) could severely damage your ability to grow in many areas of life. The danger of insulation from the very, very real possibility of rejection has the potential to spiral into habits that continue to limit your potential as a risk-taking man.

The fear of failure always manifests into other psychological buffers that wrap us in a safe cocoon from that pain. Addiction to pornography is a classic way to shield from that sting. I’m no moral authority here, so please don’t think I care that you watch porn, only consider if watching porn for you has manifested in a way to avoid rejection. After all, porn is always there; it’s convenient and it never says no. The temptation for porn to replace real, cold and raw rejection is a strong one.

Rejection sucks, and it’s that suck that makes it seem unnatural to actually consider chasing the feeling. However, we’re much more likely to learn from the experience of failure than any web seminar or self-help book. It’s the one’s that sting that make one really understand their potential.

Without failure, without rejection, there’s just not enough we can really know about our abilities or limits. Every time you get rejected is an opportunity to learn something from the interaction. What did you do wrong? What did you do right? Before you know it you’re starting to grow more confident in your actual experiences that includes rejection.

Above, I put a picture of a scene from the movie Interstellar because I believe it illustrates this point well. The crew of the Endurance land on a water world called Miller’s planet. No life exists. Only gigantic tidal waves roam the strange world. The planet is “sterile” without life because not enough could happen on Miller’s planet. Dr. Brand, describes the world:

Murphy’s Law – whatever can happen will happen. Accident is the first building block of evolution – but when you’re orbiting a black hole not enough can happen – it sucks in asteroids and comets, random events that would otherwise reach you.

In the same sense, not enough can happen by avoiding rejection. That doesn’t mean we have to all be PUA and actively seeking it out as sadists. It means it’s avoidance limits our ability to reach our potential. Murphy’s Law; allow rejection to happen, place yourself in its crosshairs, brush off the dirt, and go back for more.

How Feminism Cheats You

A successful, career-powered woman who is the main breadwinner in her home, explains why she is thinking about leaving her husband:

My husband has a life that many people who are “rule-followers,” like me, would envy. When I first met him, it was undeniably a passionate love affair. I’d never dated anyone or known anyone like him before. He took risks, lived all over the world, had many passions and has been a loyal friend. He’s seven years older than I am, and we met at work, where his power and seniority at the office was insanely attractive to me. The year we got married, he wanted to take a risk and go back to graduate school to find his dream job. I trusted his judgment, and between his savings, my new job, and some sacrifices, we comfortably lived while he went through two years of graduate school. My husband now has his dream job. I’m proud of everything he’s accomplished and what we were able to do together to make it happen.

Over the past four years, my career has skyrocketed in ways I never could have dreamed of. I’ve broken through the hypothetical glass ceiling in a male-dominated industry. I am a huge believer in women in the workplace and always will be. If they become the breadwinners in marriage, more power to them.

Now herein lies my problem — I became the breadwinner in an extreme way. I committed to supporting us for two years, but we’re going on four now, and it will likely be five. Our income divide is so extreme that I pay for 90 percent of our living expenses. What I’ve found is I can’t live this girl-power lifestyle that I believe in.

I’m very close to a breaking point, and I never stop thinking about leaving my husband. And no matter what other reasons I come up with, it always leads back to money, power and sexual attraction

When we talk about the rules of the sexual marketplace, we’re not talking about a place where the rules of engagement are blurry. They are right there in your face, and they are very constant. This woman, like so many others, disregarded the rules of biomechanics in exchange for the false-song of feminism, only to be completely distraught at the current state of her marriage.

I don’t blame the woman entirely in this letter. If her husband had been aware of his SMV and how his “dream job” was a lowering of his SMV, then their positions would have been reversed. At this point, the idea that feminism is a realistic way to center your marriage on is a sure sign of an impending divorce.

The more men realize that their SMV is determined on their superiority the more marriages will be saved, and the happier women will be.

Neg Hits

Neg hits are probably one of the most pragmatic use of game in today’s climate. It’s pragmatism is due in large part to the over-inflation of worth that women have for themselves, simply deflating them is necessary at this point. This inflation is mainly due to the structure of our priorities in today’s culture. Social media allows a ceaseless form of validation from her peers and other men; a simple Instagram post is enough to send her validation sensors spiked with serotonin. Giirrrlll power is approaching peak saturation, and women are told they literally run the world.

Women are simply in a better position to understand their own worth, and embrace their needs and wants in their mental point of origin — not someone else’s. Especially that of a man that is trying get into her pants; she is always examining his leverage over him, and whether he will bring value to her life. It’s almost a perfect circle, men not accustomed to game are too happy to enter her frame and furthering her sense of validation, while also not allowing him to gain an inch. The cycle continues until many woman have an extremely unrealistic view of themselves.

Neg hits are simply there to bring women back down to reality in her own perceptions, while also increasing the perception of the neg wielding man. Neg hits are not insults, as that is simply cruel. Neg hits are true, and said with either a smirk or enough plausible deniability that she has no idea where they came from — they are entitled to disqualify her of a man’s attention, and have her qualify herself to his perceptions.

When approaching with a neg hit, always remember the goal is to lower her bitch shield, while also increasing her interest. The flak that neg hits get is due to their name and men over using them or simply insulting women. That is an overcompensation. Neg hits are used to lower a person’s self-perception in the eyes of another person. It’s a frame flip, one that is effective for the man, as it allows the frame control to be transferred from her to him. She is expecting most men to feed her ego, but the one guy that does the opposite, and expects her to feed his, is a man that is a prize to be had.